Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Long time no post. Hi there! Wedding was amazing, better than I could have imagined. The only sun that weekend broke through as I started to walk down the beach-aisle, and hid back behind a cloud twenty minutes later. That kind of good. A couple examples of the lovely- my six-year- old niece singing "All You Need is Love" into the mic at the reception, and 150 people joining her, swaying back and forth. My mother and father speaking to each other for the first time in 26 years, and not in a mean, hostile way. Seeing my step brother and half-sister for the first time in ten years. He now looks like Jerry Garcia, and she looks amazing.

The honeymoon was amazing! London, Paris, Berlin and Istanbul. I should have kept notes, should have kept a diary, but I was so in it, and exhausted, that I simply experienced it without much reflection. But holy crap did we take in a lot of culture. Just stuffed ourselves with it. Saw gallery space in newly conceived ways. Plays, dance, music, almost every night. Three freaking works by Shakespear alone. Tiring.

Highlights- In Berlin, at the Tanz im August festival, Hela Fattoumi doing a VERY controversial dance piece (Manta) about the burka. Bums were waving, she flashed us her wigg-ed bits, the movement was constrained and crippled; small, arthritic gestures until she threw the thing off of her and escaped. Very critical. We had seen Bertol Brecht's house that day, and it got me thinking about dangerous art. What is the art that one risks their lives to do now? What does dangerous art look like now? It looks like Manta.

Also in Berlin, the Boros collection, a fine collection of contemporary art housed in a WWII bomb shelter/location of legendary 90's underground raves. They only allow 13 people twice a day on the weekends, and it's booked solid months in advance. You're only allowed access through a tour. But Michael, God bless him, thought we should try anyway, and we slipped in. My favorite- Olafur Eilasson, Anselm Reyle, Kitty Kraus, who was also part of the Younger than Jesus show at the New Museum in NYC. There was some bullshitty pieces that you know they threw way too much money for in the pre-2008 bubble. A couple of the YBA's seem to represent a time now gone. But the Boros' asked the artists to reimagine the pieces for the gallery, so there's this great relationship between the pieces and their scary Nazi, concrete-walled, drug-fuelled environment. It was totally incredible.

Now back to life, back to reality. Unemployed. Job prospects not looking too good. No work out there right now. Chapters?


  1. Happy wedding and all that! You're trip sounds amazing.

  2. (by the way, your niece is only six) - Laura